My name is Sierra (that's me in the video below)  and I am the owner and head designer of Freshkini Bikinis. I am also a fitness, bikini, lingerie and pinup model. Reflecting my own love for all things provocative and sexy  I created Freshkini as an independent line of high quality, simple and ultra sexy bikinis made in the U.S.A. With Freshkini Bikinis I take my own personal love for extremely tiny and revealing bikinis and infuse it with Southern California and Brazilian beach culture to create an exotic, feminine and flirty bikini collection.

Freshkini Bikinis are fun bikinis that are the definition of what it means to be a carefree, natural and uninhibited beach girl. Each piece is uniquely designed by me, a native to Newport Beach, California, who is inspired by my love for the ocean and my passion for sexy bikinis. Freshkini Bikinis aims to satisfy the needs of adventurous and confident woman who enjoy showing off a little skin but demand functionality and a great look that will turn heads when they hit the beach.

When I am at the beach my own personal favorite style of Freshkini Bikini to wear is the Micro G-string Bikinis which is what you see me wearing in the video below. Extremely revealing and also flattering my G-strings are designed to frame  your booty and present your body in a sexy yet flattering manner. If I am feeling really adventurous I wear sheer micro g-string bikinis from my collection that is the ultimate in being revealing leaving nothing at all to the imagination. All eyes will be on you with my Micro Bikinis and that is how I like it.

For the slightly more reserved and for the situations that require you to wear something with more coverage we have our Cheeky Bikinis. This is the style of bikinis made popular over the last few years by Instagram Celebrities. Our Cheeky Bikinis feature a traditional triangle top and a bottom that reveals the butt cheeks but still provides a bit more coverage than a full thong and much more coverage than a g-string.

Last but not least are our Freshkini Brazilian bikinis. We have been selling Brazilian style bikinis since 1998 well before they became popular on the beaches in America. These bikinis slightly more coverage than a cheeky bikini and are a good choice for the goddesses who don’t want to completely show off their booty.

So  ditch your old grandma bikini and head over to my website at and grab yourself one of my sexy creations for your next visit to the beach