We are known for our awesome sheer bikini. They are so scintillating and make anyone who wears the much more enticing. We are always looking to come up with innovative design ideas for our tiny barely there sheer bikinis and today we introduce the double mesh sheer bikini line. These bikini are double the trouble. Why you ask? Well because instead of one layer of sheer / see through fabric these bikinis have two layers. 

The outer layer is our big mesh fabric and this fabric is then lined with our micromesh fabric. While this bikini is sheer it can probably be worn on a regulars beach as the sheer micro mesh fabric which is usually very transparent is covered with the big mesh fabric which has sections of solid like swiss cheese. Ad them together and you have a unique and stylish sheer bikini which is notably less revealing then our sheer bikinis with only one layer of fabric.

So check these out and wear them on the beach if you dare. It will be a sheer delight for sure. :)