So we have been trying to make some really unique sheer bikinis and with the popularity of our MILF'Kini and HOTWIFE'Kini we decided to add another novelty printed bikini to our collection. We call our latest creation the NUDEKINI. It is just a little playful sheer bikini which is destined to get you lots of attention not just because it is sheer and has a micro thong / gstring bottom which leaves little to the imagination. No not just for those reasons but also because of the self promoting and confident nature of the woman who wears this bikini. Anyhow, here is a few photos of this awesome new bikini. 


Sheer Bikini 

And here is the bikini from the back side.

Sheer Thong Swimwear

So have some fun and grab some attention with our new Nudekini bikini. Click Here to purchase: Sheer NUDEKINI BIKINI